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Hello! Welcome to Webcomix.i8.com, the site for all you entertainment needs. This site has everything you need: web comics,forums, games, and more! As you have probaly noitced, this is the greatest site ever made, but still is not the fanciest site you have ever seen. While we may poses the webmaking abilities and intelligence of 3rd graders, its the quality that counts! Just check out our comix and see for yourself! Also, the appearence of our site is always improving. Our crack team has been closely studying new web site making skillz and this site will be as spiff as they come in no time. We are taking syncel to the next level. Make sure to subscribe to our newletter that will inform all are many loyal fans of updates, new comix, and crap of that nature. So anyway,  enjoy the site in all its glory. We update and add new comix weekly, so make sure to bookmark us and check back as often as possible!

Site Updates

9/6/05 - Incase loyal minions, you have somehow failed to notice, I have not edited the site in quite a while, or added any new comix for your eye-holes. This is because my computer freakin' crapped itself and I cant get on the internet. What does this meen for the future of The Home Page Of The Worlds Greatest Site? Well it just meens Im going to have to stay after school to write comix. Please do not allow your collective heads to explode in anticipation of my additions to the site. Im thinking every 2 weeks or so. It would be more, but I dont have any studies. Oh well, pray for a financial windfall to bestow me and my computer to fix itself. Good-day.


Im not sure of the date - Added yet another page of comics. Oh yeah. I get down like that. Dont even front.


12/13/05 - Ok, for those of you that don't know, this site is run by 2 people, and from now on, we are using codenames so everyone know's who did what. My name is poncho. Slappy's name is slappy. My name may be subjected to change, but for now im poncho. SO anyway, slappy did a great job fixing our site afer a casitrophic meltdown. The site is looking good and will only get better from here. I will be adding a newsletter for the site that you can subscribe to either today or in the near future. Make sure to check that out. I made a few spiff ups to the site today. Enjoy!


12/12/05 - Oh... my... god... During an attempt at revamping the site, some bad things happened and it was accidentally deleted. What you see now is a recreation. Durring the proccess of remaking the site, my effing power went out, so this whole thing has been a real ordeal. Im goign into the third hour of editing from intial, 'Hey, Ive got some free time. Wanna update the site?' up till now... We were going to give up completely at one point, so just be happy thats theres a webcomix.i8.com at all. Phew...

- Slappy

If you create webcomix or feel that you can contribute to our site in some other way, and would be intrested in joining the webcomix.i8.com staff, send an email to McN472@gmail.com.

Matthew Lesko, when not scamming the government for free money, is viewing webcomix.i8.com.